Barbarian Skin Zarya

Although I promised myself my next project would be the Dark Lady herself, after the release of some tasty new Overwatch skins from Blizzard, I had to reroute my efforts. I love the new design work involved in the Barbarian skin for Zarya, and I think it would be an excellent challenge to progress with... Continue Reading →

Paying for cosplay resources

Cosplaying is something we obviously want to do for the cheapest possible price. But sometimes in order to get the most accurate portrayal possible, for the least amount of effort, it's worth looking towards people who have done it already. And... well... professionally. There are some seriously skilled, talented people in the world who have... Continue Reading →

Where do I get materials?

Okay, so I live in Northern Ireland. Specifically in County Down. Unlike the USA, or Japan, we don't have stores related to cosplay specifically, and we don't have huge craft stores like Jo-Ann's. God, I'd love to have somewhere to get Yaya Han's fabric line right on my doorstep. But that's not the case. Most... Continue Reading →

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