Barbarian Skin Zarya

Although I promised myself my next project would be the Dark Lady herself, after the release of some tasty new Overwatch skins from Blizzard, I had to reroute my efforts. I love the new design work involved in the Barbarian skin for Zarya, and I think it would be an excellent challenge to progress with... Continue Reading →

Proportions? What?

Body type in cosplay is a huge issue. It's one of those things that is highly contested in this world. Is cosplay okay for someone who isn't exactly made for the stick-thin character models in anime? Yes. It is. Proportions are super important for creating something that's going to be flattering for your shape. I'd... Continue Reading →

Where do I get materials?

Okay, so I live in Northern Ireland. Specifically in County Down. Unlike the USA, or Japan, we don't have stores related to cosplay specifically, and we don't have huge craft stores like Jo-Ann's. God, I'd love to have somewhere to get Yaya Han's fabric line right on my doorstep. But that's not the case. Most... Continue Reading →

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