Barbarian Skin Zarya

Although I promised myself my next project would be the Dark Lady herself, after the release of some tasty new Overwatch skins from Blizzard, I had to reroute my efforts. I love the new design work involved in the Barbarian skin for Zarya, and I think it would be an excellent challenge to progress with... Continue Reading →

Proportions? What?

Body type in cosplay is a huge issue. It's one of those things that is highly contested in this world. Is cosplay okay for someone who isn't exactly made for the stick-thin character models in anime? Yes. It is. Proportions are super important for creating something that's going to be flattering for your shape. I'd... Continue Reading →

Obligatory Welcome post!

Hey to anyone out there reading this! Thanks for stumbling upon my little blog. I'm planningĀ on documenting my process of becoming better at costume design and cosplay in general. I'm not an expert in anime and obscure fandom characters. I'm not a super skinny model looking for followers. I'm a pretty average, normal person with... Continue Reading →

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